CPF Credit Card Available Through Firefighters First Credit Union

Show Your Pride… and Get Special Rewards

California Professional Firefighters (CPF) and Firefighters First Credit Union offers a CPF Visa credit card. This exclusive collaboration has been created as an effort to provide additional financial services that honors the commitment made by California’s professional firefighters and their families.

CPF Personal Visa

The CPF Visa is more than a credit card. Qualified purchases can earn points that are redeemable cash back, airline travel, hotel stays and gift certificates. Special purchase and travel benefits are also available, as well as emergency services for members that are on the move. A CPF Business Visa credit card is also available for fire department union accounts.

The CPF Visa card looks good too. The modern firefighter-inspired design was purposely created to acknowledge the dedication of the California fire service.  

CPF members who are also members of Firefighters First Credit Union are eligible for the CPF Visa

If you're not a Firefighters First member: joining offers many benefits to California firefighters. CLICK HERE to learn more and apply online.

If you are a Firefighters First member: CLICK HERE for details about the card. To apply by phone, call (800) 231-1626.

CPF Business Visa

Looking for a useful tool to handle your local's expenses? Now there is a CPF Business Visa. The card offers a range of benefits customized to the needs of your local union, your department or other fire organization. 

Like the CPF Personal Visa, the card also offers a way to "show your pride" as a professional.

To learn more about the CPF Business Visa, and other Firefighters First Credit Union business services for your local, contact a Firefighters First Credit Union business representative at (800) 231-1626.

*About the CPF Visa: there are costs associated with the use of any credit card issued to you by Firefighters First Credit Union. You may request specific information about these costs by contacting us at (800)231-1626 or by writing to us at 815 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041. Firefighters First Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Lender.

FFCU is federall insured by NCUA.

Firefighters First Credit Union was previously known as Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union.